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Upload and securely store any scanned document. Secured with Multi-factor authentication.

Perfect Results

AI searches anything, any field, immediately, with no manual indexing.

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Choose the plan that best suits your needs and volume of documents.
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No Indexing

Search any scanned document with no manual indexing or tagging.

Search Instantly

Allows for instant field search results of every data element instantly on upload.

Fast Results, Anywhere

ScanSearch gives fast search results for quick access to documents from any device.

Powered by AI

Our powerful AI saves you from hundreds of hours of manual work & errors.

Cloud Storage

Store up to hundreds of thousands of documents securely on the cloud.

Super User Abilities

SuperAdmin capabilities allows your business to feel comfortable sharing and electronically managing your important documents.
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ScanSearch guarantees instant retrieval of every document, not minutes or hours! The documents may take minutes or hours to process when uploaded.

No more filing paper.
No more lost documents.
No more filing cabinets and the cost to keep.
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individuals and Businesses
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  • Did you Know the cost of finding a single lost document is $122
  • Did you know the number of lost paper documents per year, per mid-size business is 750
  • Did you know the amount of time an employee spends managing paper documents is 8 Hours

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